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How To Attract SPonsors



Get Inspired Talks training

How To Attract Sponsors training program

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Module 1 – Collaboration, Partnership & Sponsorship

Module 2 – Growing your speaking business through sponsorship

Module 3 – Putting it all together – sponsorship in action

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Get Inspired Talks Inc. provides skill training to speakers who want to develop their public speaking business. We offer 2 programs that give speakers certain management, business and soft skills to help them become sought-after thought leaders, change agents and difference makers. These 2 programs are:

  1. How to speak to inspire & activate
  2. How to attract sponsors

Your speaking business has many expenses ranging from the cost of developing skills to traditional and online marketing, branding, advisors, communications, printing, travel and clothing to name but a few. Covering these expenses is essential to sustain your speaking business.

One source of revenue is sponsorship and collaboration. Sponsorship is a mutually beneficial marketing relationship. Established businesses and brands might like to sponsor aspects of your speaking business and events for several reasons:

  1. To introduce their brand to a new community – your audience.
  2. To drive traffic to their website, stores etc.
  3. To give them team-building, employee engagement and customer appreciation opportunities.
  4. To recognize them through traditional and social media coverage.
  5. To give them an opportunity to express their values.

Attracting the right sponsor(s) is the result of a smart, strategic and sustained marketing campaign and relationship building on the part of your speaking business. What follows is an outline of our How to Attract Sponsors training program.

The objective of How to Attract Sponsors is to enable you to attract the support of long term sponsors to help build your speaking business.

You’ll receive instruction through:

  1. 3 live, online, 80-minute group evening classes that take place every 2nd week starting May 7, 2019; these classes will be recorded and the recording shared to further support a trainee’s learning.
  2. Online training program – Big Dream Primer Online Program – which includes templates, tools and systems.
  3. Links to 2 videos – “Collaboration to Cash” and “Grow your speaking business”.
  4. E-book – “Sponsorship for Speakers” written by Rebecca Kirstein and Charmaine Hammond. 
  5. Private Facebook group moderated by the instructor; this group provides additional resources and will remain in place long after the modules and group classes are complete.

The duration of How to Attract Sponsors is 6 weeks. The live, online, group classes will be held on 3 Tuesday evenings – May 7, May 21 and June 4, 2019. This allows you time to assimilate the learnings into your business model and practice.

5 hours, made up of 2 elements:

  1. 3 live, online, group classes of around 80 minutes each = 4 hours.
  2. Your involvement in the private, moderated Facebook group is discretionary and estimated at 1 hour.

You should plan for 10 hours of self-study – the lion’s share of this is related to the Big Dreamer Program – it will take you 5 hours to watch the videos and complete the sponsorship exercises and challenges.

The all-inclusive program cost is $847 + (5% GST = $42.35) = $889.35. We offer you a 100% money back guarantee in accordance with a tight refund policy (see Money back Guarantee below).

There will be a maximum of 10 trainees in How to Attract Sponsors.

You must have a computer with Internet access, email account and Microsoft Office Suite or equivalent.

Reach out to Roger Killen to get your questions answered, confirm that you and How to Attract Sponsors are a good fit and discuss enrollment options. His email is and his phone is 604.408.0888.

This module is taught in an 80-minute live, online, group class. This module addresses:

  1. What sponsorship is and is not.
  2. What can be sponsored.
  3. Why sponsors say “yes”.
  4. A 7-step Sponsorship Model.

The learning outcomes of this module are that trainees:

  1. Learn that sponsorship is a mutually-beneficial marketing relationship.
  2. Learn the first steps they need to take to attract a sponsor.
  3. Gain the confidence to get started.
  4. Create and test an effective voicemail script.

A prerequisite is that trainees read the “Sponsorship for Speakers” e-book written by Rebecca Kirstein and Charmaine Hammond.


This module is taught in a live online group class of 80 minutes. This module addresses:

  1. Sponsorship is service.
  2. Where sponsorship fits your speaking business model.
  3. Identifying best fit sponsors, where to find them and what to say.

The learning outcomes of this module are that trainees:

  1. Understand the role of sponsors in their business model.
  2. Understand the value that they bring to a partnership relationship.
  3. Learn how to leverage existing relationships to attract sponsors.
  4. Create and test a discovery call script and list of questions.

A prerequisite is that trainees view two 1 hour long videos – “Collaboration to Cash” and “Grow your speaking business”.


This module is taught in a live online group class of 80 minutes. This module addresses:

  1. Applying the 7-step model to build relationships with prospective sponsors.
  2. Recognizing sponsors.
  3. Creating and charting your collaboration and sponsorship action plan.

The learning outcomes of this module are that you’ll:

  1. Gain confidence to apply the 7-step sponsorship model.
  2. Create and test a sponsor information document.
  3. Create and test website copy.
  4. Learn how to maintain sponsorship relationships.

You’ll be provided with a feedback form to complete at the end of Module 3. Your responses will gauge your degree of learning.

Charmaine Hammond received a Masters Degree in Conflict Management and Analysis in 2002, she is a Certified Speaking Professional through the National Speakers Association, has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Development Studies and two college diplomas in human services. She has owned her speaking business for 21 years and been teaching sponsorship, collaboration and communication full time since 2011.

We offer you a 100% money back guarantee in accordance with a tight refund policy.

We want to attract serious trainees who are going to do the prescribed work and are determined to get the intended results. We want you to enjoy all the benefits of learning how to attract the financial and in-kind support and collaboration of sponsors. You can’t get the results if you don’t do the work. If you do all the prescribed work during the first 14 days of the commencement of the How to Attract Sponsors training program and show us that you did the work, and you’re still not satisfied or feel you did not receive value, we’ll gladly give you a full refund of your tuition. But if you don’t do the work and don’t show us that you’ve done the work, we won’t give you a refund.

To claim the refund, email your instructor, Charmaine Hammond ( during the 2 days after the 2nd online group class, advise her that the training program is not to your satisfaction and demonstrate that you have implemented the program without success. To meet this requirement, you must submit the first 14 days of coursework and assignments including participation in scheduled online group meetings, performance of assigned online self-guided tutorials and completion of related homework. Upon receipt of confirmation from your instructor that you did the prescribed work and applied your best efforts to implement the program, Get Inspired Talks Inc. will provide you with a full refund of your tuition fee by either e-transfer or cheque.

On one hand is your speaking business. It has many expenses that must be paid for it to be sustainable. On the other hand is a well-established business that wants access to the community that loves what you speak about. Sponsorship and collaboration is where you can synergistically meet each other.

It is unlikely that a sponsor will reach out to you. This leaves you with the challenge of attracting the right sponsor(s). This can happen when you launch a smart, strategic and sustained campaign. The intent of How to Attract Sponsors it to teach you how to do that. And when you do … it’s time for your happy dance!

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