BUSINESs Storytelling Masterclass™

How to craft and tell at least 15 engaging stories in 56 days or less

Well-crafted and well-told stories help you sell better, lead better and network better. When your stories engage their emotions, prospects become customers, employees become evangelists, executives become leaders and investors write cheques. When your stories connect with their hearts, people listen when you speak, read what you write, watch your videos to the end and buy what you’re selling. Done right, stories impact your customers, employees, investors, suppliers and other stakeholders more quickly and profitably than you ever imagined.

Business Storytelling Masterclass™ is an intense, live, online course for ambitious businesspeople who want to be high-impact, high-influence, high-reach communicators.

Business Storytelling Masterclass™ has 4 objectives:

  1. To guide you to find story-worthy life experiences, especially those helpful to your business success.
  2. To teach you the science for crafting and telling engaging stories that are useful for business purposes.
  3. To create opportunities for you to test your stories on real people and receive their evaluations.
  4. To help you create a collection of 15 one to four minute stories drawn from your everyday life.

After you graduate from Business Storytelling Masterclass™  you can enroll in Business Presentations Masterclass™  where you’ll learn to combine great narrative with great stories to create speeches and presentations that inspire and activate audiences of one or many.


You'll receive:

An unconditional 100% money back guarantee that remains in place until the end of the second online group class.

Your success in this course depends on you:

Feedback from beta course

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