BUSINESs Storytelling Masterclass

How to craft & tell 15 engaging stories in 56 days or less

Imagine how good you’d feel and how effective you’d be if people liked and trusted you quickly, if they saw you as confident, credible and charismatic, if they stopped and listened when you speak, if they read what you write and if they watched your videos to the end. Business Storytelling Masterclassmakes these outcomes happen. This course is for executives, employees and entrepreneurs who want to make their messages sticky and who know that strong communication skills are crucial to their success. Business Storytelling Masterclasshas 3 objectives:

  1. to equip students with 15 one to four minute, life-experience-based stories to tell with rehearsed spontaneity
  2. to teach students how to find, craft and tell an infinite number of these stories in personal and business settings
  3. to give students the storytelling skills they need to make their presentations memorable (see Business Presentations Masterclass™)


You'll receive:

An unconditional 100% money back guarantee that remains in place until the end of the second online group class.

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