Speakers' Talks


Aaron D’Souza has actively explored the world of sexual non-monogamy for 7 years. One of his life’s missions is to make sexual non-monogamy a mainstream relationship model for society.


Cal Misener has over 20 years of experience supporting people to do work that they love. He is a best-selling author and speaker who helps people align their passion with their profession.

Candace Plattor

Candace was an opioid addict for 15 years and is now an Addictions Therapist. She teaches self-care, self-respect, and self-responsibility to support her clients recover and regain their lives. 


Jacqueline Way was inspired by her 3 young children to launch 356give, now a registered charity that changes the world one give, one day at a time. She appeared on the TEDxStanleyPark stage in March 2017.

Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts was once a homeless addict who changed his life to become a celebrated Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist. Joe is committed to ending youth homelessness One Promise at a Time.

Mark Fenster

Mark is a man of music: the owner of Autumn Studios, an inspirational composer, producer, meditation leader and choir teacher with the Vancouver School Board.

Peter Ladner

Peter Ladner is chair of the David Suzuki Foundation board and the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition. He is a former Vancouver City Councillor, TransLink board member, business owner and journalist.


Sabrina Smai is a serial hackathon competitor. She attributes her many victories to a problem-solving approach whose power you can harness to make high-quality personal and professional decisions.


Sarah Gerrie is 10 years old, has won speaking awards in Canada and China in both English and Chinese and uses those skills to teach leadership and speaking skills to children aged 5 to 7.


Tracey is a psychiatric nurse, mother of four and wife of one. After four brain surgeries she knows how important it is to live life with optimism and gratitude.
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