With Mark Fenster

What if you could trace your very existence back to the kindness of a few courageous people?
In this episode our guest, Mark Fenster shares with us how both his parents were saved from Nazi concentration camps due to the courageous actions of a few people. We also discuss the importance of kindness and how it can help us overcome our own fear of people who appear to be different than us.

What’s inspiring about Mark’s story? 

“The capacity for human courage & kindness is immense. Even in horrific circumstances, we can move from fear to faith, and create miracles on Earth, simply by the choices we make. My story is about how my parents survived war because of the courageous kindness of everyday people. My talk reveals how we can overcome the lingering pain and fear that war creates, choosing instead to be open with courageous kindness and see the beautiful rainbows of all of nature, all of life, celebrating all the colours of the Human Rainbow as well!.” ~  Mark Fenster

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Mark’s Inspirational Quotes and Notes (paraphrased)

Both of Mark‘s parents are survivors of the Holocaust and for the most part, he’s very blessed with very loving parents. At the same time, his parents were deeply wounded by significant losses and horrible treatment. What Mark wants to reflect on more, is the courageous kindness of the people that helped them survive. There were hundreds of thousands of people back then who helped people escape and survive.

A Nazi Commandant helped save Mark‘s dad. He made sure his prisoners weren’t murdered by convincing his superiors they were good workers for the Third Reich.

In Mark‘s mom‘s case, there was a nurse who was working in the death camps and was smuggling babies out at the request of the mothers, Mark’s grandmother was unfortunately murdered.

Mark has wondered most of his life, is there a way for us to live in peace? Is there a way to take our focus away from the hatred into courageous kindness? The title of Mark’s talk is “The Other Side of Hatred.”

Mark’s parents met in Montreal. Mark’s mother got a job interview at her dad’s company and that’s how they met.

Mark’s parents had a lot of fear and lacked an ability to trust as a result of their own upbringings and what they went through. They were threatened by people from certain cultures. Mark felt a real need to protect through fear.

That fear got inside Mark and it’s something that he continues to do battle with. Mark says he has to realize that his reflex is fear and he keeps saying “no he’s not going there.”

Mark got a degree in psychology then he worked with his dad and then he started his own company. He says the business filled his pockets, but not his heart. And then he moved into his long-standing dream to become a musician and to help the world through songs. He’s been doing this since 1995. He writes songs for meditation, yoga and, sound healing.

He’s written a song about racism and he’s about to release that song. It’s also part of his Get Inspired Talk. The album is called Spark which is all about inspiring people.

Marks share some stories about how he has been able to overcome his own fear of other races and people.

It’s natural to feel these fears. We fear differences and a lot of people have had horrible experiences. If we can look at that and say “yes I feel scared, but I also feel this powerful ability to grab my courage and say ‘hello’.” And when you do this you realize people are just like you and magic happens.

None of our leaders have support without us. And we have to ask ourselves “what is behind divisive leaders having our support?” In Mark’s opinion, it’s fear.

When we help others succeed, we succeed. It’s amazing how much you can gain by giving. And you don’t have to give much.

The song is called “Colours” and the album is called “Spark” because it’s meant to spark inspiration.

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