With Tracey Purvis

What would your attitude be like if you had to live with a brain tumor? For this episode, we visit with Tracey Purvis. Tracey is living with a brain tumor, has had four brain surgeries and will likely have to have more. We talk to Tracey about the power of choice, gratitude, and how to be optimistic even in the toughest situations.

What’s inspiring about Tracey’s story?

“I’m living with a brain tumor and am faced with a future of multiple brain surgeries. Four so far in the past decade….and I choose to be optimistic.” ~ Tracey Purvis

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Tracey’s Inspirational Quotes and Notes (paraphrased)

Tracey is living with a brain tumor, has had four brain surgeries and will likely have to have more surgery. Her tumor is not malignant but it keeps growing and it’s attached to a part of her brain that prevents it from being removed. When the tumor grows it does threaten her life.

Tracey discovered the tumor because of the headaches it was causing. She was a busy, working mom and not listening to her body. Or she listened but blamed the symptoms she was experiencing on other things. Eventually, the tumor grew and her body made her listen. She went unconscious.

Tracey is very close with her family and feels very blessed. Staying optimistic has been a work in progress at the same time. She also had a wonderful grandma in her life who was a mentor just by the way she lived her life.

Tracey had an abusive brother and going through the challenges with him, although terrible at the time, enabled her to become strong. Therapy and helping others in her profession has helped.  This experience with her brother and her own recovery has helped her to see the dark side of choices.

You have to choose and try to be optimistic and there are things in life that you can do to do that. Ask yourself how are you going to be optimistic about this…?

What can I do? She truly believes there is a silver lining to everything and it doesn’t mean you’re going to feel optimistic about everything all the time.

Be true to your emotions, grieve if you need to. Grieving doesn’t mean that you look at the silver lining right away.

She tries to create calls to action. Get information. Get a team together. These things give you hope.

What are you going to do with the time left? Look at whatever situation you’re in with gratitude. For Tracey gratitude goes hand-in-hand with optimism. Even in the grave times of life.

Tracey mentions a study that is trying to determine if optimistic people live longer because they’re optimistic, or they live longer because optimistic people make better health choices. Interesting!

We discuss the power of optimism and visualization in sports.

Tracey is excited about the potential impact of her message locally, and around the world.

Practice visualizing things that you enjoy, or somewhere that you would like to be. Tracey visualized speaking at a large event and now she’s doing it through Get Inspired Talks.

Tracey’s GI Challenge

Start your mind thinking about gratitude as soon as you wake up.

Tracey believes the gratitude can help with anxiety. She says the two have a hard time existing at the same time.

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About Tracey Purvis

Tracey is a non-practicing registered psychiatric nurse and busy mom. She volunteers her time with Excellence Seminars International to assist people in living their best life as well as volunteering with other agencies.

She loves serving others, and the ripple effect it creates. She is excited for what is happening presently in my life – becoming an inspirational speaker and impacting others to overcome adversity with optimism utilizing multimedia, writing an eBook, and volunteering with the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

Tracey loves to connect deeply with people. And she loves to travel the globe, learn, read, work in the garden, teach, and go to church. She dislikes inequality, narrow-mindedness, and cold weather.

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