With Sabrina Smai

On weekdays, Sabrina is a computer programmer that solves business problems using artificial intelligence. On weekends, she spends her time competing in hackathons aka hacking marathons (not the criminal type of hacking, this one is ethical). The aim is to find the best technological solutions to difficult world problems in the fastest, smartest, and the most innovative way. 

With winning many competitions, she has confidently honed a winning strategy for problem-solving in hackathons and daily life. In this episode, she shares her EPIC strategy so you and your loved ones can solve big challenges faster and better than ever before.

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In this episode, we learn about…

  • A hackathon is usually 24 to 48 hours where computer programmers gather in one big room I try to solve a problem with technology and influence the world. Microsoft, Amazon, Google they’re all there
  • Sabrina’s first hackathon
  • The epic formula is a formula that can be used to solve any world problem
  • E for empathy
  • P for problem
  • I for ideas
  • C for create
  • How Sabrina used epic to decide whether to move and change jobs
  • How Sabrina created an app for buskers

QUOTES from Sabrina

  • I grew up with philanthropy as what I wanted to do in life
  • I’m a big believer in diversity of thought
  • It’s a shortcut for success in my opinion. It’s a way to get from nothing to the best solution out there
  • Empathy is always a part of life
  • It’s very important that we know the pain points are trying to develop a solution for someone
  • If what we create doesn’t work we go back to the idea stage and find another idea to work with
  • Empathy helps you to think about the human that’s going to be using your products and services and it’s one of the reasons why products and services often fail.
  • You should come up with as many ideas as possible so you don’t become married to two or three ideas and really explore everything
  • People say the world revolves around money. It doesn’t. It revolves around empathy


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