With Paul Nijar

In this day and age where personal development is so prevalent, how do you get energized quickly and make changes that will last? In this episode, we talk with Paul Nijar who teaches and inspires people with an interesting mix of yoga, martial arts, and Chinese medicine. 

What’s inspiring about Paul’s story? 

Learning and teaching methods to hack the brain for optimal results in discovering life fulfillment.

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In this episode, we learn about…

  • Paul’s Yoga Dojo
  • Tony Robbin’s flow state
  • How Paul’s upbringing influenced what he is doing today
  • The contract he wrote to himself when he was 11 years old
  • How Paul drew inspiration from Bruce Lee
  • How Paul went through a rough patch in his 20s and what helped him to move on
  • How Paul helps people connect to their life why statements and purposes
  • Paul’s recent workshop on empowerment
  • Self-love
  • How to feel empowered now 
  • The position of power for 2 minutes a day 

QUOTES from Paul

  • It helps to apply things for 30 days to see lasting change
  • I wanted to really focus on transformation because that’s what is important to me
  • Connect to your inner being. What fulfills your soul?
  • I want people to feel they’re empowered right now. Energized and transformed in this moment.
  • The opposite of fear is love. Love it such a powerful vibration. It moves you and transforms you.
  • When you invest in negativity it depletes your energy and you feel drained, unmotivated and uninspired
  • The more energy you put into love the more you will get back.

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