With Peter Ladner

Are there answers to the increasing congestion problems we experience in our large cities? In this episode, we explore some of the latest transportation innovations with the volunteer chair of Better Transit and Transportation Coalition Peter Ladner.

What’s inspiring about Peter’s story? 

It shows people the previously-unimagined, exciting, cheaper, more convenient ways we can now move around our cities.

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Peter’s Inspirational Quotes and Notes (paraphrased)

Peter always walked, rode his bike or took a bus to school when he was growing up and he’s been riding a bike to work for decades. He says that’s a factor in how he sees the world.

When Peter became a Vancouver city Counselor he had a lot to do with transportation in the city as well as being on the board of Translink

Peter shares his story and how he got involved in transportation issues and on the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition

We have trapped ourselves in a car-dependent life with sprawling suburbs and the way we design our cities. We force people to sit in cars way longer than they want to, resulting in all sorts of problems for people.

Road pricing, shared vehicles, smart transit, and ridesharing reduce commuting times and improve people’s health and the economy.

There are a lot of different apps and programs that would enable us to fill empty seats in cars.

More responsive transit meaning: we could have smaller transit vehicles, even cars that serve as buses like taxis that can take more than one customer.

We could have better transit information so you know exactly when a bus, for example, is going to arrive

Places that really want to be congestion free have to implement some sort of cost for driving on the roads. Road space is at a premium.

If transit is working well and is available it’s a better way to go. Particularly if you can get a seat.

You can’t build your way out of congestion. Bigger roads just lead to more traffic.

Skytrain costs about $100 million per kilometer. It doesn’t make sense to use it where there isn’t a higher population. If it’s filled it makes sense and it takes thousands of cars off the road.

You can use your car to drive to a denser population area and get on a train or share a ride or ride a scooter and mix up your different options if you live in a less dense area where there aren’t as many alternatives.

The future of transportation is having more than one person in one car.

The province of BC is the biggest jurisdiction not to allow companies like Uber and Lyft and are held back by the taxi lobby.

Peter talks about a comprehensive transportation app used in Helsinki where you pay one fee and it covers multiple transportation options.

More cars on the road are not the solution. Don’t be distracted by all of the talk about self-driving cars etc.

Peter’s GI Challenge

Look at the new options that are available to you and give them a try. Try riding your bike, try car sharing and you might be able to sell your car. Be the first on your block to not to own a car.

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