With Peter Scott 

In this episode, we discuss the developing challenges with artificial intelligence, or what is commonly known as AI. 

What’s inspiring about Peter’s Story? 

“Being 50% NASA computer scientist gave me the expertise to deduce there is a threat to the survival of the human race. Being 50% transformational coach gave me the background to see a solution. But when I became 100% dad, I realized that I couldn’t just leave it up to other people to solve it; I owed it to my children to get this message out. As an introverted geek I was the last person that ought to be getting up on a stage to convince people of anything, and yet that’s where my mission has taken me.” ~ Peter Scott

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In this episode, we learn about…

  • How Peter’s interest in science began and how he ended up at NASA
  • What Peter is doing for NASA today
  • What artificial intelligence is
  • How computers learn
  • Peter’s concern about AI. Peter asks, “What does this mean for my girl’s future?”
  • Some good uses of AI
  • Universal income as a solution
  • How Industry Conferences are taking place and AI protocol is being discussed
  • The Turing Test – how do we know when your computer is thinking?

QUOTES from Peter Scott

  • There are more ways that this can go wrong that they could go right
  • The automation of jobs he’s going to accelerate with no clear solution to it
  • Every technical advance in the past as creating new and better jobs
  • We could end up with machines that can think better than we can and where do we go from there?
  • People should be looking at the future of their jobs and how AI might impact them
  • When we train people that act like machines it’s not long before machines can replace those people
  • When it comes to AI the future isn’t hopeless that could actually be quite glorious but we have to master it
  • If you’re talking to someone over text chat and you can’t tell the difference if it’s a human being or a computer then the computer is thinking like a human.
  • Make sure your own survival is attended to, or else you can’t look at any other levels
  • We’re on the brink of a technological revolution that will invade the traditional boundaries of that definition [of being human]

GI Action Challenge

> Look at the virtual assistants that you’re using (Siri, etc.) and ask yourself, “if this was used to raise a child what would they learn from that?”
> We should also seek out philosophers who can answer the question “what does it mean to be a human being?”

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