AARON D’SOUZA – One sex partner for life – really!

How ‘natural’ is it to have sex with one partner for a lifetime?  Sexually monogamous singles often suffer because of dishonesty, deceit, and duplicity.  Sexually monogamous couples often suffer jealousy, possessiveness, and cheating.  Nearly all monogamous people suffer boredom.  Aaron’s talk asks you to challenge the widespread belief that sexual monogamy is wise, proper, and natural.

CAL MISENER – Live a high-performance life

We have an epidemic of people doing work they aren’t meant to do.  Lost productivity and lack of fulfillment are the heavy prices they, their employers and our society pay for this misalignment.  Cal’s talk helps people align their passion with their profession so that they can spend more of their lives doing what they love to do and less of what they don’t.

CANDACE PLATTOR – Choose not to use

Candace was an opioid addict for 15 years.  She knows the roadblocks of addiction, and the courage it takes to recover.  The pain of her recovery fuelled in her the fire to become an Addictions Therapist and advance the power of choice in recovery.  Her talk is about empowering addicts to choose recovery when living in active addiction is no longer a bearable option.


Jacqueline Way was inspired by her 3 young children to launch 356give, now a registered charity that changes the world one give, one day at a time. She appeared on the TEDxStanleyPark stage in March 2017. Jacqueline will be interviewed by Rod Janz, Get Inspired’s Podcast Director.

JOE ROBERTS – Get inspired and make a promise

Joe was once a homeless addict living in Vancouver’s downtown east side.  He changed his life and became a celebrated Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist.  While on the street he made a promise that led him to walk 9,000 km across Canada to call attention to youth homelessness.  His talk describes the plight of Canada’s homeless youth and offers you ways to be part of the fix.

MARK FENSTER – The other side of hatred

Mark believes that inside each of us is a mountain of courageous kindness.  It can transform lives and make miracles happen.  It can also heal painful memories of trauma, including war.  His talk reveals how everyday people can choose kindness to change and to heal ourselves and each other.  We can begin a new world, right here, on the other side of hatred.     

PETER LADNER – The urban mobility revolution

For decades Peter has been promoting and trying out better ways to get around Vancouver. As a city councillor and transportation authority board member, he has worked on giving people alternatives to driving alone at a huge cost.  His talk describes how we can move around Vancouver using ways that are easier, healthier, cheaper and more convenient.

SABRINA SMAI – Make problem solving your superpower

Sabrina has a superpower. This superpower has helped her win several international hackathon competitions and solve dozens of tough personal problems. This superpower has even helped her combat procrastination.  Her talk tells you how you can develop this superpower so that you too can be a world class personal and professional problem solver.

SARAH GERRIE – Stinkin’ thinkin’

Sarah is 10 years old.  She knows that how she thinks has the power to determine the quality of her life.  She knows that negative thinking imprisons her in a dark mental jail while positive thinking makes her light and bright and free.  Her talk describes how we can reject stink’n think’n in favour of freedom think’n. 

TRACEY PURVIS – The optimists’ club

We live on a daily diet of sad, bad, fake and negative news that is making us pessimistic.  But after four brain surgeries Tracey decided to hitch her wagon to a star called optimism.  Her talk offers two ways to embrace optimism in the face of terrible odds and invites you to join the Optimist’s Club. 

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