Domestic violence is insidious. Its effects go beyond the closed doors where it happens and ripple through every part of society. No-one escapes its impact. Francesca’s talk is about the outward signs of domestic violence. There are simple things that we can do to lower its incidence. These will reduce the damage that it causes to individuals, families and society.

Francesca is a life traveller who has experienced abuse in multiple forms. Now she is an established entrepreneur and philanthropist who is dedicated to reducing the incidence of domestic abuse.


Nearly half of us experience chronic loneliness. Our youngest and oldest generations are the most affected. Anxiety, depression, addiction and suicide are the outward and visible signs. No amount of achievement, material success, stimulation or numbing can solve this crisis. Lee-Ann’s talk is about how to recognize loneliness and move back into greater connection.

Lee-Ann is an intimacy expert who struggled with PTSD and loneliness. She teaches people why intimacy is necessary and how to cultivate greater connection with themselves and others.


Social media was a staple in the life of teenager Lucy Guo. She just couldn’t imagine losing connection with her friends, not being in the loop or being disconnected from the world. Then circumstances forced Lucy to disengage from social media for one whole month.

Lucy Guo is part of a generation that lives on social media. She grew distant from people. One summer camp taught her how to let go, rejoin society and build read relationships.


If you’re going to change your life, you first need to change your habits. Why is it so hard to turn new knowledge into new habits? Until you learn how to do this, you will struggle to make change happen. Rnold’s talk describes a simple technique that gives you the life-altering ability to change your habits.

Rnold has spent many years researching peoples’ resistance to change. He has developed the F.U.N. Model of change. This will help us make personal change happen and thereby make anything achievable.


Every moment of every day, somebody’s world turns upside down. In the blink of an eye, divorce, disease or death morph into despair, depression and disaster. We lose trust and control over our bodies and our minds and all these losses have devastating effects on individuals, families, friends and society. Rumana’s talk is about how to best transition from hopeless to hopeful.

Rumana was cruelly attacked and blinded. From her darkness grew the conviction that hope overcomes our limiting beliefs. Rumana now guides people to believe in the infinite power of possibilities.


Many people live empty, unfulfilled lives. They lack a sense of purpose. I want to help you identify your unique purpose. It all begins with one simple question. When you ask this question constantly and answer it thoughtfully, your life will change. Shaun’s talk is about this question.

Shaun is on a mission to activate humanity to live with purpose. He is the co-founder of Plastic Bank which is monetizing plastic waste to fight ocean pollution and global poverty.



Far too many individuals and organizations are stuck, frustrated and mired in mediocrity because they cannot accept or manage change. They are gripped by inertia and paralyzed by uncertainty, fear and doubt. Sure, changes are hard and disruptive but changes are also challenges. Adrian’s talk is about embracing change while growing forward.

As a black student in a predominantly white school, Adrian learned that change comes from growth and growth from change. Adrian inspires people to accept, embrace and address change and its challenges.


Bad things happen to even good people. The worst bad thing is debilitating sadness from losing someone you love. Maybe you’ve lost a friend, a parent, or even your grandpa. Recovering can feel lonely, even impossible. Briana’s talk is about how she recaptured happiness with the help of invisible ghosts.

In Briana’s 13 years of life she has experienced many losses. These caused her to lose connection with herself and others. Then a unique friendship changed everything. Briana discovered how to reconnect.


1% of the world’s population require a wheelchair. That’s 80 million people. The lifetime cost of caring for a person with a spinal cord injury is around 3 million dollars. The non-financial costs of secondary health complications, lost productivity and pain are incalculable. Wearable robotic suits, known as Exoskeletons, are the future.

Chloë Angus is a fashion designer who also designs wearable robotic suits. These are also known as Exoskeletons. They give the world’s 80 million wheelchair users hope that one day they’ll walk again.


Are you hearing what your body is telling you? Do you know what to listen for. In our fast-paced, high-tech, success-driven society, it’s easy to lose touch with your body’s signals. Your body wants to be well and it’ll tell you if it isn’t. Keith’s talk is about listening to the signals your body is sending. These signals could save your life.

Keith is the co-founder of a holistic healthcare clinic and an international bestselling author. His passion is to teach, inspire and activate people to be proactive with their health.


Most of us have done something in our past that is now causing shame, sorrow and deep regret. These feelings are stopping us from living a rich and full life. Marcus’ talk will help you understand that the good, bad and ugly of your past has created who you are to-day. Absolute acceptance of this past will open your door to an abundant future.

Marcus was a male stripper in the 1980s. His lifestyle and choices caused him deep regret. Absolute acceptance of his past is the key that opened his door to an abundant future.


Sex is an important aspect of marriage. Many troubles arise in marriage due to medical conditions, power imbalances and low sexual desire. Loneliness, despair and infidelity are often the result and are on the rise.

Maureen is a registered nurse and sexual health educator who specializes in low sexual desire and sexless marriage. She works with individuals and couples to improve intimacy and promote relationship health.

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