To be a Group Leader you must satisfy 3 requirements:

  • Be reputable, have a strong brand and an extensive local network.
  • Be a fan of Get Inspired Talks Inc. (“GI Talks”) and relish the idea of attending its inaugural event – Vancouver Get Inspired Talks (“VGI”).
  • Be willing to reach out to your network members and invite them to experience the VGI event with you and each other.


You are required to perform 7 tasks:

  1. Register on the GI Talks website and create a unique tracking link.
  2. Invite your network to join you at the VGI event.
  3. Ensure that your guests use your tracking link when buying their ticket(s).
  4. Reserve a row(s) when you sell 12 seats (12 seats + 1 free seat = 13 seats = a complete row); the name of this row(s) is your first and last name; GI Talks will send you a digital map of your reserved row(s) for you to forward to your guests.
  5. Arrive at the VGI event at 12pm on October 20 and warmly greet your guests.
  6. Be an attentive host to your guests to complement VGI’s goal of giving all attendees a red-carpet experience at every touchpoint.
  7. Optional – you may, or may not, arrange for your guests to spend some social time together to extend the VGI event experience e.g., you might meet your guests for brunch at 10:30am at a restaurant close to the Vancouver Convention Centre, spend 12pm to 6:30pm at the VGI event and then have drinks with your guests at a nearby bar.


You’ll be compensated in 9 ways:

  1. A “signing bonus” of one free seat to sit with your guests – this free seat cannot be sold or gifted.
  2. This free seat comes with a Bonus Bundle of 3 fun gifts valued at $120.
  3. 20% commission on all tickets bought using your tracking link.
  4. Early access into the auditorium at 12pm on October 20.
  5. An invitation to attend the VGI dress rehearsal on Saturday October 6, 2018 in the Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver.
  6. An enhanced VGI event experience by virtue of sharing the magic and memories of VGI with your guests.
  7. Recognition as a community leader by your guests.
  8. An inner glow from knowing that by supporting the VGI event you are making a contribution to GI Talks and hence to humanity.
  9. Your guests will receive an enhanced VGI experience because:
    1. they’ll share VGI with you and each other
    2. they’ll receive your care, attention and leadership
    3. they’ll get reserved seats
    4. they’ll get early access to their seats.   


To support your ticket selling efforts, GI Talks will provide you with:

  1. Sample promotional text to be used as is or re-purposed as you see fit.
  2. A unique tracking link to give to your network members; when they use this link to buy tickets to the VGI event the sale and commission is attributed back to you.
  3. A ticket-buying webpage bearing your name.
  4. A report that tells you your guests’ names.
  5. A digital mini-brochure.
  6. A seat map that shows the location of your reserved row(s). 
  7. Other – further sales support may be provided on a request by request basis e.g., you might want the Producer to address your network online or in person. 


In addition to the above provisions, the following terms and conditions apply to the relationship between GI Talks and its Group Leaders:

  1. Group Leader Program seats are subject to availability.
  2. The same Terms and Conditions apply to Group Leader Program seats as they do to general admission seats.
  3. GI Talks makes no representation that the operation of its website will be error free or uninterrupted and will not be liable for the consequences of errors or interruptions.
  1. GI Talks will conclude the Group Leader Program as ticket sales approach a full house and Group Leaders will be given a minimum of one week’s notice.
  2. GI Talks may terminate a Group Leader’s participation in this Group Leader Program immediately and without notice or compensation if GI Talks determines that a Group Leader’s promotional methods are fraudulent, abusive or incompatible with GI Talks’ mandate to give attendees a red carpet experience at every touchpoint.
  3. GI Talks may modify any of the above provisions or terms and conditions; in such event each Group Leader will be notified by email and if any modification is not acceptable a Group Leader’s only option is to withdraw from this Group Leader Program.