We live in a time of change ripe with possibilities. A time when our biggest challenges are our greatest opportunities. Now is the time for us to think differently and act bravely. What would cause us to do so? Every meaningful element of human progress has happened because humans have inspired each other to critically examine the status quo, reframe our thoughts and take action that turns ideas into reality. One highly effective medium for triggering this sequence is a thoughtfully scripted and impactfully delivered short talk. Welcome to Get Inspired Talks Inc. (“GI Talks”).


The mission of GI Talks is to improve lives and communities by using high-impact short talks to awaken and inspire large, live audiences to think differently and act bravely. These talks are then formatted into videos, podcasts and e-books to reach and activate global audiences.


In 2030, GI Talks will showcase 10 speakers in each of 3 events in 400 major cities. These 12,000 talks will be heard live and online by 1.2 billion people. Their actions will trigger social change.

The first live GI Talks event is Vancouver Get Inspired Talks (“VGI”) on October 20, 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The second and third VGI events are on March 16 and October 5, 2019 in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. GI Talks expects its onsite audiences to be dwarfed by online (livestream, video, podcast and e-book) audiences.