Much human progress happens when an idea is shared.  One effective way to share your idea is an inspiring short talk.  Done right, this medium transforms the mindsets of your audience.  It stirs excitement in their hearts and minds.  It fosters wonder, learning and visionary insights.  The right idea shared in the right way travels around our planet at warp speed and makes copies of itself in millions of open minds.

The vision that we hold is for your idea to have massive impact and for you to become a recognized authority with global influence and reach.  3 steps are required to realize this vision:

  1. Script your idea into a 10 to 18 minute world class Legacy Talk.
  2. Speak your idea by delivering your Legacy Talk with such power that it inspires and activates a live audience to take up your call to action. Produce a high-quality video recording of your talk to share with larger online audiences.
  3. Scale your idea by  promoting the video recording of your Legacy Talk. Then repurpose your idea into other formats – books, articles, courses, interviews and talks of various lengths – and share these with targeted audiences.

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Our students are authentic subject-matter experts.  Their idea is based on solid science and/or credible research.

Since 2013 we have worked with 104 students.  52 of these received a standing ovation.  78 have over 10k video views, 19 have over 100k video views and 6 have over a million video views.  25 are now international bestselling authors.

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Roger Killen

Get Inspired Talks is not affiliated with TED Conferences LLC in any way and does not represent the opinions or policies of TED.  We are huge fans of the sentiment behind TED – Ideas Worth Spreading – and hold the TED brand in the highest regard.

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