If you want to create impact for your idea and authority, fame and fortune for yourself, you’re in the right place. We’ll help you craft and deliver a Legacy Talk that engages emotions and inspires action.  Then we’ll help you leverage your amplified credibility and new marketing assets to scale the impact of your idea and your authority.  Our students are credible experts with ideas that tackle humanity’s pressing problems.  Since 2016, every student we’ve trained for a live stage has received a standing ovation. 

We offer 3 courses: Script Your Legacy Talk, Speak Your Legacy Talk and Scale Your Idea.  Click on Courses in the navigation bar above for detailed information.  Our courses are not “get excited and do nothing” courses.  They focus on getting results.  They are intense so be sure that you have sufficient bandwidth to fully participate.  They offer blended online education and a step-by-step approach to avoid you being overwhelmed.  Their primary objectives are to cause your idea to have massive impact and you to become a global authority who attracts fame and fortune. 

Our mission is to support 10,000 speakers deliver high-stakes talks and have each talk seen, heard or read 100,000 times to inspire over 1 billion actions that move the needle toward a better world.

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